vst sound content in same hdd for both mac and win


I’m a long time windows user. Now since I have macbook, I tried to install a hackintosh in a separate hdd in my PC in which windows is installed separate hdd. Macbook pro is not enough for my work load maybe. So want to install library contents in same hdd as set under windows.

Before I make the move to mac, I want to try few days. So using Paragon ntfs for mac trial software, I got the hdd to be able to write in mac. While installing all library contents, steinberg vst sound content had some extra folders such as Steinberg/Content/“VST Sound”, this “vst sound” folder doesn’t exist in windows installed content folder.

Steinberg support told better use separate hdd. But I can’t buy a large hdd and finally don’t use, and waste to have 2 hdds. Now I have 1 hdd (4TB) for steinberg and komplete instruments libraries, 1 hdd (2tb) for other synths, samples, loops libraries, 1 hdd (1tb) for project recording, 1 hdd (1tb) for Windows 10 along with a partition for personal folders and backups, 1 hdd(512gb) for hackintosh and a Dvd drive. All my sata connectors in my motherboard is full. I want to invest on ssd or M.2 in future, so don’t want to waste money buying another hdd for installing libraries for hackintosh. Unless if I buy external drive to use with macbook as well, but a large capacity external drive with fast rpm is expensive. That’s why I wanted to try install everything with existing hdds for both windows and hackintosh. So after using it well I can decide and move towards either one direction.

Please suggest me what you guys think I could do?

Install vst sound content again in windows under one single folder, vst sound, instead of halion /vst sound, padshop /vst sound and groove agent /vst sound?

Or look for an expensive external drive? I should look for 4+ to because 2tb became full with existing libraries. Which one?

I look forward for your suggestions. Thanks.