VST sound dropouts - Cubase 11 / Monterey / Macbook Pro M1

Hi all,

Since getting a new Macbook Pro (M1 chip) running Monterey, I’m experiencing intermittent sound dropouts with VST instruments on Cubase 11. It appears to just be Cubase VST instruments (Groove Agent SE, Halion 6). Other tracks continue to play when those instruments stop. The dropouts also appear when exporting a track.

CPU and Memory are fine during playback.

This is of course extremely frustrating and prevented me from working at all.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Similar config, I get drop outs but of a different kind , ie CPU spikes but with all plugins (or at least Kontakt) usually at around 10% and all of a sudden it spikes above maximum and Cubase chokes and then resumes.

I’m suffering something similar: Normal cpu except for some spikes now and then. Plug-ins include Waves, Brainworx, Fabfilter, Arousor and Shadow Hills.

MacBook Pro M1 max, 64GB

I’m on M1pro and I had the same issues when I first ran Cubase. To solve it the first thing I did was turn off “Enable Record on Selected MIDI Track” in preferences, then I played with ASIO Guard settings until everything settled down.

Another thing worth mentioning is if you run any other apps that take the focus off of Cubase, you’ll often get massive dropouts and spikes in performance. I don’t know if this is due to Rosetta 2 or what.

I’m also seeing periodic CPU spikes on a new M1 Mini, maybe we should start a new thread on that subject?

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I think it’s just Cubase + Rosetta2, as great as it is there’s gonna be an issue. The other native M1 daws I run, Logic, StudioOne and Reaper, are all insanely smooth and glitch-free down to 32 samples buffer. So I’m going to patiently wait for Cubase 12 and see if that solves the few issues I have.

Running Mojave 10.14 on 2015 iMac and having also spikes and dropouts since I upgraded from C10. Running the same project will work smoothly on C10 and will get frequent dropouts on C11…