VST Sound file created in Halion 6 not showing in Cubase 9 Media Bay


I finally managed to create a VSTSound file via the Halion 6 export, and exported it for Halion Sonic SE.
Later on, i registered this VST Sound file with the Halion Library Manager,
but this new VST Sound file doesn´t show up neither in the mediabay of Halion Sonic SE nor
the included one in Cubase 9.
Anyone else experimenting this problem?

Using last version of Cubase 9 and Halion 6.0.0 on Windows 7.

Thanks in advance.

I’m having a similar problem with Halion 6 saved presets not showing up in mediabay.


They show up in the preset folder but mediabay doesn’t read them.

You can change the filter in media bay from Factory / User and Factory AND User sounds.
Maybe you just dont see your user sounds ???