VST Sound files have mysteriously appeared on my external hard drive?

A few days ago several VST Sound files suddenly appeared on my external hard drive without me knowingly putting them there. I do not know what workstation they belong to, or where I should place them. I have attached a photo below in hopes that you can tell me which workstation they are from. If I know this, perhaps I can put them in the proper folder, but I would need to first find that folder. Also, each time I launch Cubase 11, I get a pop-up that wants to know where those files are? First time this happened I guided Cubase to those files but it still asked me where they were each and every time so I just ignore the pop-ups for now. I just don’t know where to put those files. Any insight you could provide on this would be greatly appreciated!


Hi, it is sound content (samples, loops) that are included in the delivery of Cubase 11 pro

Which folder is your standard folder for vstsound content? Find it in the Library Manager

To fix the problem, double-click one of the files on the external hard drive to register it. You can then use the move function to move the files to the desired storage location.

Alternatively you could drag the files to the desired storage location using Explorer or Finder and double-click on one of them there. This is easier when you have a bunch of them rather than a few.

Thank you! I will try to do as you directed!

Thank you it worked! I really appreciate your help!