VST Sound Instrument Set Synthesizers Question

I heard about HALion One being replaced by HALion Sonic SE in Cubase 6
However what will happen for people who own the VST Sound Instrument Set Synthesizers for HALion ONE ???
Will The owners of this soundset get an update so it will run on HALion Sonic SE Or even the Full HALion Sonic ???
Or will the people who still have it have to install HALion One to still be able to use this package ???

Hello DjRavix,

In this case HalionOne needs to be installed. HalionOne is still on the installation disc of Cubase 6, but will not beeing installed on default.



Thanks for the Response Chris …
So eventually the “VST Sound Instrument Set Synthesizers” Can currently be seen as “Discounted” Since HALion One Actually belongs to the past (Like The A1 but with the exception that it’s still included)

Well I was actually hoping that it would be converted so it would run with HALion Sonic
at least that way people will still buy it (maybe even those Who only have HALion Sonic)

Well maybe it’s an Idea for Steinberg HQ to think about :wink:

I hope they will do more midi loops maybe with Halion sonic
midi loops are great to use :frowning: :question:

Classic treatment of yet another from their VST instrument line by Steinberg.

I swear they have VSTi Alzheimer’s, as any VSTi they put their name on is soon forgotten and left behind.

(Yes my comments are rough, but you know it’s true Steinberg!)

Agree another Steinberg Instrument Bites the dust

Yeah, that blows, because I just bought it! Granted it’s only 30 bucks, but I wouldn’t have gotten it if I knew it wasn’t supported my my Cubase 6. I just wish I knew it before hand. nowhere does it say on the web site that you can’t use it with Halion Sonic LE…


They should give me a discount …or give me my hard earned money back!

I just got this VST set and on the site it says that,
Synthesizers is compatible with:

Cubase 6/ Cubase Artist 6/Cubase Elements 6

Cubase 5 / Cubase Studio 5 / Cubase Essential 5
Cubase 4 / Cubase Studio 4 (version 4.5 or higher)
Sequel 2
Nuendo NEK (version 4.2 or higher)

YET I can’t find it… ALSO HALion One no longer loads anything from Cubase 6… With Cubase 5 I can load HALion One patches but the VST sound set “Synthesizers” is also missing in action…

The only way to actually load this sound set is to use MEDIABAY and load the midi loops into CUBASE 6 and you get a VST track with HALion One and the patch loaded…

This is very annoying Steinberg… CLEARLY SAYS ON THE PAGE that Synthesizers is compatible with:
Cubase 6/ Cubase Artist 6/Cubase Elements 6*
Cubase 5 / Cubase Studio 5 / Cubase Essential 5
Cubase 4 / Cubase Studio 4 (version 4.5 or higher)
Sequel 2
Nuendo NEK (version 4.2 or higher)


CHRIS! HALION ONE is installed and does not read the Content we just bought… not even its own content! comes out blank in medaibay too… Cubase 6.0.2 Win7 64bit


The VST Sound Instrument Set Synthesizers for HALion ONE presents massive content in the styles of the ’80s, electro and ambient together with the latest trance, techno and minimal electro sounds, letting you produce studio-quality projects quicker than ever before.

More than 140 high-quality VST 3 sound sound presets of the most popular synths
Over 350 impressive MIDI loops arranged in easy-to-use categorized construction kits
Exclusively available as easy download (less than 400 MB)
Windows and Mac installer included

Synthesizers is compatible with:

Cubase 6/ Cubase Artist 6/Cubase Elements 6

Cubase 5 / Cubase Studio 5 / Cubase Essential 5
Cubase 4 / Cubase Studio 4 (version 4.5 or higher)
Sequel 2
Nuendo NEK (version 4.2 or higher)

From the SITE!! This is incorrect and now I’m short $29 :confused: And so are a bunch of people I know and many I don’t know in this forum…

SO why HALion Sonic is not reading this CONTENT… that is the QUESTION of the CENTURY :slight_smile: HALion 4 also not reading this…

I just buy it, read what you wrote and I constat that I have 300 Mo of unused files on my desktop, , a big msi file, and 29 euros less in my bank account.
I discover that if it’s work , I will ear Korg MS10 sounds…
STEINBERG is a serious house, I don’t understand. I think that law permits 7 days retractation, I will try to use, it’s abnormal to give money for shit and says thank you.
Nest regards

I still confirm, I can’t get the sets to work either. Yes, we are out of our money. What is described on the web site is not true. Good luck to all of us getting our money back or an answer right from Steinberg. I don’t think either will happen. My answer would be we just don’t buy any of the sets anymore unless we know for sure that they work.

A free compatibility update would be nice…


Hi Everyone,

I think I had the same problem as you guys, but mine is solved now by Chris Beuermann, see: https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=126&t=15109

The way that enables you to view the files is the following;

  • little note, I use Cubase Artist 6, so if you use an earlier version of Cubase it might bi slightly different *
  • Start Cubase
  • Go to Media and select Media Bay (or press F5 if you use Windows as O.S.)
  • On the left of the Media Bay should be the pack. If you click the + of “VST Sound” you should see everything in the pack.

To add a loop or a sound in your Project you can right-click it and choose Insert into Project.

I haven’t found out how to see the MIDI files yet, so if anyone founds out, please let us know!

New to the forum. Does Steinberg personel adress issues posted in this forum?

BTW, I like the “quickfix” posted above, but still…

Any idea for a quick fix for Cubase 5?

Having the same issue, how do we play these in Halion Sonic? It doesn’t find them. I do not own Cubase 6.

Is there any help here for this?

Ok I noticed this is only available for halion one… this is on the same page as the halion sounds are,this is confusing!

Why doesn’t Steingberg answer the questions for you? I’m afraid that even if I buy cubase 6 artist it might not work now,and no one from steinberg is talking or even helping this user out who already owns the version 5?

What is wrong with them?

Have you tried contacting support?

No Because I don’t own cubase,but perhaps the users who do should get an official word back. I’ll wait to hear from them,as this will reflect my purchase of cubase 6, or if not.

However, since this is a user forum, you may never hear the response (assuming the users contacted support).

I’d really like steinberg to point these presets to halion sonic. It can’t be that hard for a quick update.