VST "Sound Library Halion Sonic SE.. Cannot be found"

When I open Cubase 6, I keep getting this pop-up message:

“VST Sound Library Halion Sonic SE GM Factory presets cannot be found.”

I have had this problem since buying the licences to activate the expired The Grand SE3 and the HSO VST Sound Instument Set trial versions. I did not buy Halion Sonic trial version that also came with Cubase 6.

If I click ‘ignore’ and open cubase, and then open a recent project, I get another pop up window that says: 'Halion sonic SE, Licence Error, No Valid Licence found for:" and then a long list of about 50 instuments starting with Halion Sonic TR Kits 01.

Any suggestions!?

I’d re-install Cubase 6 and make sure all questions about install pathnames are not changed from the defaults offered in the standard installation dialogs.