vst sound library "Halion Sonic SE GM Factory Presets" not f

I had uninstalled the trial versions that came with C6 so I wouldn’t keep getting the error messages. Now my vst3 folder is empty and get the notice above. [vst sound library “Halion Sonic SE GM Factory Presets” not found]

So I reinstalled c6 update – no help
Reinstalled c4 + update 4.5 from web + reinstall c6 update from disk + uncheck vst box in mediabay and recheck to rescan-- no help
I have instruments but no parameters to tweak.

I know there’s something I have to be overlooking. I have no hair left! And a deadline!

Did you instal last HALion Sonic SE update? And did you instal whole HALion Sonic SE library?

Forget your deadline. You won’t do it with a broken system. Apologise and move on. You’ll be forgiven. Don’t tell me it’s an exam as that’s not our problem. :unamused:
Also give some system details so others can get a grip on the problem. Email Steinberg support (don’t tell me. You live at the North Pole) with the same system details and what you did, The problem looks familiar to me so chances are they can fix it fairly quickly but no forum anywhere can reliably help you get any kind of instant fix for your problem.

Yes, I also updated from the website to Cubase 6.0.7 and also to Halion Sonic se 1.6.0.

And yes, the deadline was a performance of a new song promised on Saturday but of course I have plenty other material. It is what it is. They can catch me next week.

When I install the complete program I am assuming that the VST instruments are loaded in their entirety. In the VST editor I get the message “please make sure that the required VST sound instrument set is correctly installed!”

Is there a way to install just the instruments again or instead will a wipe and fresh install of all be better?


I had the same problem after I uninstalled the Halion Sonic trial. All I did to fix was pop the cubase 6 disk into my comp and installed cubase again. It tells you that cubase is already installed and does not install again but it updates halion sonic se and sounds. Pretty easy fix for me, hope ya get it sorted soon!

To post a follow up solution:

Have 3 dedicated computers on network, 1 for video, 1 for audio, 1 for graphics. Needed to offline the video comp. for service and so loaded Adobe Premiere onto the audio one. Premiere looks for all sound related .dll and finds expired trial versions that came with Cubase 6 and, of course, shuts down because the licenses are expired.

So as I set about deleting the expired programs I inadvertantly deleted some files for Halion Sonic SE which refused to reinstall no matter what.

Format C: drive and fresh install Premiere, Cubase 6 and Wavelab. Perfect. Also worked all day Friday to finish the project for Saturday!!!

Lesson learned about Premiere and also about trial versions. If you want to run trial versions, wipe clean afterwards and work with a fresh install of the programs you decide to use! That is the reason I have dedicated computers in the first place.