VST Sound Library not found (Groove Agent)


I am migrating from Cubase 10 on a MacPro to Cubase 11 on a Macbook Pro M1.

Everything is working out fine except every time I load up Cubase I am asked to locate “LoopMash 001” and other soundsets.

On my old machine I had moved these to an external HD to free up space and Cubase is still looking for that volume. If I locate the soundset, which is now on the main HD it says “Could not create link for: .‘the soundset name’”.

Is there any preference file I could edit to fix this?


Download and install the content from the Steinberg Download Assistant, please.

Unfortunately it doesn’t open on this machine.


Can you download it at other system?

The assistant yes.

So the assistant does have the missing soundsets, I’m not sure how downloading that way would help anyway. I have the rights files it’s just Cubase wont load them.

Well it turns out you can just double click the sound library file and it opens the library manager application to add them, however these library file are unsupported so I guess I will not use them.