VST Sound Library “” not found (Padshop Pro VST)

I receive an error when I load Padshop Pro (x64) in Cubase 8.5.20 (Windows 10 x64). The error says: ‘VST Sound Library “” not found:’ and then it lists the location of the library it is looking for. The blank quote marks ("") are in the error message, as shown. There are three option buttons: LOCATE, IGNORE, and REMOVE.

When I select LOCATE and click on the file in question, it just asks me for the same file over and over again. Padshop Pro loads, but the factory and factory pro sounds are an issue as they no longer appear under the filtered results when searching for a sound. I can find them in the location tree.

I have uninstalled and re-installed the full version of Padshop Pro, but I continue to receive the error. Also, I have unchecked the sounds in the location tree, selected the KEEP option button, and then rechecked them, but I still receive the error.

I remember at the same time the Padshop error started, I also got the error for HALion 5. In that case, I opened the standalone version of HALion 5, and there was no problem, as well as no longer a problem with the VST version in Cubase. There is no standalone version of Padshop Pro.

I have thought of clicking on the REMOVE option. Maybe it will re-scan and fix the problem, but I am not sure what selecting REMOVE will do, so I have not tried it out of caution.

Please advise if you have an idea.