VST Sound Library not found + Support Center irresponsive

Hi all,

I’m trying to contact the support center about 2 issues I have with Cubase but, apparently even if I receiver the automatic message from
Steinberg, they never contacted me again. Any idea? It’s already more than 2 weeks, is that normal?

About the issues, maybe someone can help.

  1. the message “VST sound library not found” appeared suddenly at the opening of Cubase (no internet connection used, no files changed
    or removed at all). If I ignore the message Cubase works normally apart from having lost many of the preferences I decided.
    How do I repair it? Should I “remove” (it’s one of the options given inside the error message) or am I further damaging cubase?

  2. the graphic card that I have (AMD) is apparently incompatible with cubase, as the support service (they answered then…) once told me.
    Basically it causes crashes and the internal sampler is not usable at all. I asked them if there is a list of compatible graphic card in order to change
    accordingly but they never answered.

any ideas?
thanks a lot for helping
Matteo Nahum, Valencia- Spain

Hi and welcome,

  1. To trash Cubase preferences, follow Cubase Safe Start Mode, please.

  2. Here you can find the System requirements. As you can see, the graphics has to follow this:

Graphics card with DirectX 10 and WDDM 1.1 support (Windows only)

Hi Martin!
Thank you very much for your reply.

That must be a very old AMD card, I’m surprised you cannot update the driver. I run Radeon RX570, btw, and the latest driver is 26.20.15011.5007 for Win10 64 bit based PCs. When you sort the graphics card and if you stay with AMD, remember to avoid loading the rather intrusive AMD Control Center. Just update the driver and call it good.

As to finding the Library Manager, remember you can move your sound files to any HD you have and then direct the library to it. Back to you issue, and assuming you have installed the Library Manager, I would open a Project in Cubase, record a blank track, and then add an instance of Reverence reverb. When you go to load a preset it will ask you to locate the VST sound bank. Locate this manually and at this point Cubase should connect with the library Manager. Close Cubase and reopen it to see if this happened.

Hi Mr.Roos,
First of all, thanks for your kind reply.
In principle it’s a rather new card (but I’m really a novice in computer tech), it’s a AMD radeon RX 560 and the newest driver
is actually installed (also the rather intrusive thing, yes).
About the other issue, it appeared suddenly (like in the afternoon after having used cubase in the morning) and without having moved
anything or even connected the computer to internet. Basically cubase works fine, now. Only I have this message and I don’t know if I can
simply use the command “remove”, that is given as an option, and forget about it or not. I’m in the middle of a project so I don’t
want to mess with cubase.