VST Sound Library "" not found

VST Sound Library “” not found
That’s the message I’ve recently started getting, typed exactly as it appears. It appears when I open Cubase and before the song loads.
The message box gives me the option of locate, ignore or remove. When I click “locate” it takes me to the files but when I select/open them, nothing happens.

I haven’t done anything to deserve this latest setback. This must be an old problem. How do I resolve it please?


Install Cubase from the Full Installer again, and make sure all sound libraries are installed too (but not the content which is in the Trial, please).

OK…but I can see all the files. They aren’t missing. I assume that my copy of Cubase has been blinded somehow. I haven’t spilt anything on my keyboard.

Hi all

I have the same problem as this when loading Padshop, it asks for one of the groove agent vstsound files, which is in the folder, when I click on it it asks to find it again…when I just have. Didn’t want to have to reinstall but…I chose a different drive rather than the default one when installing all the libraries. Wonder if that’s something to do with it.

Best Regards, Dave

I don’t know what content is in the trial. I have now uninstalled anything that looks like a library content or a library manager. I hope that nothing gets messed up. I didn’t do it right the first time, but will re-try tomorrow.


All the content, which is Trial on the Full installer, is marked as Trial. :wink: You just have to pay attention on it.