"VST Sound Library not found"


after updating on win10 anniversary, my Cubase 8.5.20. shows "VST Sound Library " " not found: C/Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase 8.5/VST Sound/FCP_SMT_001_Cubase.vstsound " during Cubase startup. I reinstall Cubase, but this issue persists. VST Sounds path is OK … Any ideas, please ?

Thank You



Maybe solved - https://www.steinberg.net/nc/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/removing-the-preferences-of-the-sequencer.html

The same happened to me

Same problem tonight…anyone have a fix for this? I checked and the VST files are in the correct folder.

Fixed using the link that “markuc” posted. Thanks!!!

What’s the fix

What’s the fix please