VST Sound Loop Sets


In terms of how to use these loops, what is the difference between a Content Set and a VST Sound Loop Set.

In the write ups I dont see where the VST come in, they are just loops arn’t they? , Is there a link to Halion?


Content set is VSTi presets, Loop Content is wav files, usually Sequel.


Thanks for your prompt reply and assistance.

I have the Ambient Lounge VST Sound Loop Set, which one do you have ?

Alls that I see in media bay is .wav files for this Loop Set (the same as for a Sequel Content Set), hence my question.

I do not see any presets for this VST Sound Loop Set in Media Bay or in Halion Sonic.

Please can you tell me where you see these presets ?

At the moment I am thinking that these are just .wav loops but stienberg have put VST in the title to make you think they are instruments / presets so that they can charge more than a normal content set. Maybe theve been recorded by a VST instrument (surely not).

Please prove me wrong , stienberg


I did find this on the Steinberg.net descriptions of the VST Sound Loop Sets.

Ambient Lounge is a slow-to-mid-tempo loop collection for modern-day ambient productions. Jazzy, real world percussion and organic basses collide with mellow bells and dub-drenched textures to provide a truly soulful sound library for electronic music producers. Conveniently laid out in 24 construction kits, this distinctive set of loops ranges from natural to cutting edge and is a valuable addition to your existing sound library.

According to this, it is just a loop set.


I have looked through manuals etc, and just a quick newbie question. I got the Sound Loop Sets and can’t see how to use them!. On the Steinberg site it says the following…

“Conveniently laid out in construction kits and instantly accessible through the Cubase and Sequel MediaBay, VST Sound Loop Sets give you ready-to-use loops at an attractive price.”

Well, I can’t find any construction kits and can only just see it in MediaBay. Are you supposed to just drag the files into loopmash or something??

Anybody have any ideas.

Thanks in advance.

I am using Cubase 6 on a Mac running 10.6

**Hi Aaron,

i guess you also purchased the recent special offer deal on the Loops and Consruction Kits (as i have also). i am running Windows 7 (PC) and i just can not fathom out for the life of me how to access this software either ?? Everything has download/installed/licensed ok, but they just don’t seem to be appearing anywhere whatsoever (as far as i can fathom) ?? Help…



I have the same problem!! I can’t locate the loop sets in cubase 6 64bit either…

I have purchased 5 loopset packs, downloaded the proper version (PC), ran the installer (I changed the path to my sample directory) and I see nothing on the location when looking via mediabay for instance. (I have tried to copy paste the file back to the original directory where cubase has it’s halion sets, but this doesn’t work either)

I find it strange that when you google a bit, some people are talking about seeing samples and loops as audio files…
The only thing I see is ONE file…

(I’ve already registerd them so that isn’t the problem either)

Hope to have an answer soon! Id like to use the sets…

Kind regards,

Hi Ray,

i have tried for over a week and friends of mine can’t even work it out either. i looked high and low in Media Bay etc and they just do not appear anywhere ?? i have also downloaded the correcr version (PC) and RUN the software etc. i bought three Kits from Steinberg and not got to open any of them as yet !!

Anyway, i have booked a one-to-one tutorial with a local instructor (costing me £25) to get help with me being a new user of Cubase and also to try and solve this problem. i will post a solution after my lesson on Friday if we manage to get the software running.



Hey guys, I’m having the same issue… I install the vst instruments(eg hypnotic dance) in the paths for vst’s folders and tell cubase to update the paths so that is will recognize my vst instruments… but no such luck. Ive tried multiple methods and paths… windows 7 64. good to know others are having this issue as well

hypnotic dance is a preset collection and the Library name should show up in the “LibraryName” column of the browser. So, go into HSE click one of the down arrows to pop open the browser and you should see “Hypnotic Dance” or some such in the Library Name column. Click on it and you should see the patches on the right hand dialog.

I don’t use loops, so I don’t know what comes with that … but my expectation with something that said loops is that I would get loops. I don’t know what kind of instrument you were expecting. You usually just drag loops either onto a track or into a VSTi for additional processing. I would expect the construction kits to be a directory layout or tagging layout in the browser that helps identify the content. I could be wrong though.

I’ll add to list of people who are confused and disappointed after purchasing a VST SOUND LOOP SET. (I purchased the AMBIENT LOUNGE.)

How about getting started PDF?

No new library name appeared when searching (unlike HALion Symphony which behaved more predictably). Nothing new seemed to show up in loopmash or beat designer. I saw the .wav files in a directory structure.

Not exactly the well integrated experience I was hoping for for buying Steinberg instead of the many other libraries out there. Can I get my money back?

This seems to be the procedure: (Please let me know otherwise)

  • Create a new audio track and select it
  • Media->Loop Browse on menu
  • Make sure locations are visible on the Media Bay and drill down to VST Sound->Loop Set Ambient Lounge (Ambient Lounge in my case)
  • Clear all the other filters and now you should be looking at the sounds from the loop set only which you an audition
  • Right click - Insert into project

Hi again

I am glad to see that others are having the exact problems with the same sets that I am. I would have thought that any moderator in this group would have spotted this and posted an half intelligent answer. That would er … be to easy I guess.

I have just purchased the Dark Planet set, and I am having the same problem again. Even if I do get to see it in the media bay it just doesn’t load and I end up with a dummy keyboard.

This is the description for getting the manual

“The manual of the Dark Planet VST Sound Instrument Set is linked from the dedicated Macro Page. Just click on the question mark in the top-right corner and the manual will open.”

I cannot begin to tell you how extremely unhelpful this is. What dedicated macro page? what question mark.

I think that they could have put em let me think, possibly a URL, then I can copy that and find the bloody thing…

I also think it is damning of Steinberg to be so complacent with their customers. We are not thick. We have spent money buying these files and there is absolutely no help. The website is fine if you want to buy something, but totally impenetrable if you need any help. Absolutely NO HELP whatsoever. I agree with some of the other posts, and will think long and hard in the future to buying anything from Steinberg. Their contempt for their customers is outrageous, and I don’t care what anyone thinks… they should get their act together and answer some of the basic questions when buying files. How do I use it, and where is the manual. To hide this basic info from us is beyond belief. There isn’t even a search facility on the website, and if anybody says there is a forum, well they are just stupid. They supply it and they should manage it, to let a group of non steinberg people try and fix things on their own is wrong. Some people may be helpful, but you never know if the information is correct. Maybe Steinberg don’t know, and they are unable to answer these questions themselves??? If I sell something to someone I would answer questions and make sure that information is available. Other suppliers make manuals available. What is the problem with Steinberg doing the same.

One final note. I have spent a lot of time trying to get files to work, this makes me frustrated, so I end up turning the whole thing off. Then I don’t work, I don’t make money and I DON’T BUY VST SOUND SETs, LOOPS, FILES whatever you call them…

Hi All

Having calmed down from the rant the other day, I have contacted the support via telephone. The guy was very helpful and expained that there had been a bank holiday in Germany so they were a bit behind. However, since I wasn’t on halion at the time it was a bit difficult to sort things out. I will recontact them and post what the outcome is. Just in case it start to work.


The answer to running VST Dark Planet with Halion SE is not shown on the website. However, it is fixed if you update to the latest version of Halion SE v 1.6

Simple really, but a hell of a job finding out.

Thanks to the support people in Germany who were supportive…


I bought the VST Sound Loop Set Indie for Mac, download it, ran the installer, registered and activated the product but I can’t figure out how to use it. I do not see any loops in the MediaBay.

I already looked at the following articles in the knowledge Base: VST Sound Collection Issues, Limitations When Opening Sequel 3 Projects, and Mac OS X 10.7-Information on Compatibility with Steinberg Products.

I also looked and tried to use at the advise and comments from the Forum topic VST Sound Loop Sets (above) and I can’t see how to use the loops. Could anybody help out with this? Thanks

These are my computer and software versions:
MacBook Pro
OS X Lion 10.7.3
Cubase 6.5.1 (does not have Sequel)
Halion SE v 1.6 (downleaded and installed)

this is the tricks, open mediabay find the*.wav from the purchased, select one sound and drag/drop to halion. the sound will be spread to the keyboard. then you can rework the sample! have a good one.