VST Soundloop Sets

I recently bought Cubase Artist 6.5 and haven’t had much time to get to know it so this may well be the daftest email this month!
I downloaded a VST Soundloops Set from Steinberg after I received a promotional email. When I clicked on the downloaded icon my computer started whirring, bars appeared on the screen and filled up left to right and the e-licenser also got involved. I thought I’d end up with a folder of wav files that I could listen to - see what I had got, but no!!!
Can anyone tell me where the soundloops are stored and how I can access them in Cubase please. I’m wondering what they sound like :neutral_face:


You can find these loops in the MediaBay of Cubase.

Hi Martin

Many thanks for your help and sorry for the delay in replying. Cubase has moved on since I bought Pro 24 :laughing: In the near future I will put some time aside to get to know Cubase 6.5. The first thing I’ll do is look for my Dubstep soundfiles in the Media Bay.

Best wishes