Vst synth editor midi sync issue

Hi there, i’m using Cubase Pro 9.5.41 connected to a MOTU MIdi Timepiece and many external synths. I’ve encountered a big sync issue in midi that i’m not able to fix. I bought from different manufacturers a couple of Vst editor for a Moog Voyager and a roland se-02 that i own but i can’t get them to work properly. First of all i want to stress out that I’ve followed manufacturer’s cubase setting instructions and early everything seemed to work fine with CC recordings, note recordings and editing. Unfortunately everything works fine only if i stand on Vst Editor track. When i switch to another track the Synth goes out of midi sync until i click back on Vst Editor track in the timeline. I’ve tried different midi sync settings without any chance. Could you please help me to solve this problem?
Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome,

What is the Vet Editor track, please? How is your Sync settings? How do you want to sync it? Is Cubase the master for you? Do you send out the MIDI Click or the MIDI Timecode?