VST synths keep disappearing!

Hi guys,
I’ve opened up a couple songs that I’ve created & all the VST synths in the layers are missing on all song parts! I’ve had to reload the synths & go searching for the right sounds again. This has happened a couple of times now & I can’t afford for this to happen at a gig as you can imagine. Any idea why my songs are losing their synths???

Hi @Andy_McKeller,

can you please check “VST Live / Preferences / PLUG-INS / Scan Plug-Ins on Start”. Is it enabled? Can you give me your project file (*.vlprj) which is missing your synth? And I need your Plug-In database file. You can find it here

C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VST Live_64\Vst3Plugins.xml

Thank you.

Hi Michael,
I think it was something to do with saving all my songs in one folder. I think VST Live was getting confused. Since saving songs in their individual folders with their assets, they are opening intact. I’ve been importing media projects from Cubase too, so I’m guessing my files were all over the place. Now VST Live knows exactly where to look for everything when I open each song.

Thank you.