VST System Device Driver

I’m running Cubase Studio 5. Under the devices, VST System, I seem to have lost all driver information. All I get for a choice in the dropdown box is “No Driver”. This is a new issue as I always had an option of three or four Drivers. What can I do in order to select a driver so I can hear the Audio again? Thanks


  1. What is your Sound card–interface :question:
  2. Computer – PC - Mac - Laptop :question:
  3. Operating System :question:

    Jack :smiley: :smiley:

1 Sound Card - Realtek HTI HDMI Audio

2 Computer - Laptop- x64 AMD Phenom™ II N640 Dual Core processor 2900mhz

3.Windows 7


Samiam: So your using your Laptops internal soundcard – em I right :question:

well — http://www.realtek.cz/realtek-download.php?realtek=ATIHDMI&system=3

or maybe Asio4all------ http://www.asio4all.com/

I Hope one of these drivers helps— :slight_smile:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

I would definitely use ASIO4All with the realtech. I use it on my laptop when I am not plugged into my audio interface. It is much better than the Generic ones included with the Cubase install. I am not sure ReakTek has an ASIO driver…

My interface is a Steinberg C12…Sorry I missed that on my last post…


contains the driver you need . :slight_smile:

Sorry to break into this topic, I’m not sure it’s the right place to ask but the specific one has been closed so… I bought an used Tascam US600 in order to use it on my trusty windows 7 pc. Unfortunately the guy who sold it to me has lost the Cubase LE 5 installation disc and he only sent me the Tascam drivers…Is there any way to obtain a copy of the LE 5 with the Tascam product serial no.?
Thanks a lot for your kind help.