! VST System Library not found !

Hi all

Had some spring cleaning, formatted some drives (which i backed up of course) and renamed them.

Now, when launching Cubase 6, it tells me that the vst system library (which is located on an external drive) could not be found.
Cubase 6 issue - 01.jpg
Cubase 6 gives me 3 options: ignore, remove and locate.
When locating I go where the system library is situated open the file and get prompted by:
“Could not create link for:”
Cubase 6 issue - 02.jpg
Is there a way to fix this without a complete reinstallation?

Thanks in advance

PS: Where can I edit my signature? I used the search function… Some people saying it’s on the left…
Anyway, when I’m in the User Control Panel (UCP), where can I edit my signature??? :question: :exclamation:

Hit Locate and point it to the content or re-install the content. You edit your sig at MySteinberg, not here.

Thx for answering


Like I said, I did hit locate, but that doesn’t work… Why is there a locate button if it can’t locate? :unamused: lol
I’m gonna check into a reinstall, although I think there must be a way around this…

About my signature:
I looked at my steinberg and didn’t find it. The only place that makes sense as to where it would be is under personal data, but no…

Log onto my steinberg and under Support click on Forum.

Yeah, that’s what I read in other posts as well… But I don’t know what you guys see there, but this is what I see:
Schermafbeelding 2011-05-22 om 20.59.20.jpg
I see nothing that tells me where to edit my signature… Am I blind??? lol

Log out, then log back in again.


Thx for answering


I know that page, I was there more than once, but looking at it more than once is obviously not helping. :wink:
Did you look at the picture I attached in my previous message? You can clearly see that I’m under the forum tab…
Why does Steinberg make it so hard to edit our signature??? In my humble opinion, it should be in our control panel or somewhere where it makes sense…

If somebody would be so kind to point me in the good direction, I would greatly appreciate it. :slight_smile:
Please write more than one sentence. LOL


Is that the page you see immediately you log into My Steinberg? (home/support/forums)

It should be home/mysteinberg, as viewed in the top right of the page.

Then on pressing the forum button (on the left) not support at the top it should direct you to home/mysteinberg/forum.

You are using the wrong buttons. do not navigate with the top buttons, It’s the LEFT buttons down the left side of the page.

waaw… Thx a lot!!!

Very confusing having 2 different forum tabs with the same name :unamused:

Cheers man!!!

Thank goodness for that :stuck_out_tongue:

I was beginning to wonder if we were in parallel universes :laughing:

I don’t know about you but I am :nerd:
Locked up in the studio, after a while you go a bit coocoo…

Ooooh funny :slight_smile:


boring it is not!


You have a signature :stuck_out_tongue:


thx again…

Did you ever resolve linking the library? I have this problem with C8 after moving the samples off of my primary SSD drive and onto a secondary SATA.

I’m pointing RIGHT AT THE PROPER FILE…but still get the “Could not create link for…”