VST System Link compatible interfaces


I am trying to create an “as complete as possible” list of VST System Link functioning audio interfaces.
This is to continue a thread I opened almost 2 years ago, in the Cubase 6 forum…


Please help me out with this one, I am sure, there will be some users with a need for this information.
By the way:

  • Does VST System Link work in 64 bits?
  • Any experiences especially with the new Steinberg and Presonus interfaces?

Thanks a lot.


I run flawless 4 PC’s via VST Link through Dante.
After many difficulties with protocols like midi, mtc, etc … I found Steinberg’s solution excellent, really one accuracy sample.
My main regard is to synchronize as many machines as I want to transport/sync, but very precisely (music to the picture).
And, recently I switched the studio to a Dante ecosystem (focusrite / Rednet), I was worried about whether I could still dedicate a line for tracking the VST link. Dante is bit for bit transmission, so no worries.
Actually it’s the best of both worlds, because patching via Dante Controller (matrix) is so easy that I make it as I want, one click to sync many computers that are connected to the switch. It is so reliable that even if it brings Rednet 3 (bridge ADAT / Dante) to an RME interface then back to Dante : it works. It’s a ring protocol in a star protocol.
Also, I have a machine in a room away from 50 meters of the control room which only runs with a Dante Virtual Soundcard and it works exactly the same.
But for people who do not use an AoIP system, I think Steinberg could develop something (at least for syncho transport accuracy). It was a suggestion on another thread to evolve this function of Cubase / Nuendo which does not exist elsewhere. This function give a lot of power/ressources and become scalable easily, restrictions no longer exists in theory. Also, at present many people have several computers.