VST System Link is error prone and unusable*


I am assuming that VST System link is still a supported feature with Nuendo 12. I run two Nuendo workstations side by side as part of my workflow. They are connect via VST System link running through MOTU audio hardware, and I have patched two routes for the VST SL data for diagnostic reasons, one of AVB and the other over Opticals.

With Nuendo 11, this was a pretty smooth affair. It was a great improvement on my earlier incarnations of this arrangement which I did via MIDI with MMC and MTC, with one machine as MMC master and the other as MMC slave.

Putting MMC to one side, Nuendo 12 is behaving very erratically with VST System Link. Occasionally I get strange draggy video and stutters, then total non events where nothing syncs, and many other frustrations.

During one frustration test, when things appear to be working, if I initiate play one one machine, the time displays match in sync, and if I initiate on the other machine, they are 5 frames out of sync, reliably every time. Que?

If I simply quit out both sides and go back to Nuendo 11, the system works flawlessly.

Help please. Steinberg?