VST System Link Problems


Trying to get 2 PC’s going with VSL - with Cubase 6.07 and Cubase Elements 6.07 - With Edirol M16DX and Pulsar 2 sound card - I’ve had the communication arrows flashing but no “receives” - Currently the connection is via SPDIF only-One cable for each computer- Is this sufficient to get the system working??? - No more cables needed???

I do have some ADAT/lightpipe cables on the way - This is the first time of trying this so any good insight will be appreciated- In Cubase the first two audio ins were not used but reserved for the System Link setup- I’m sort of most of the way there I think but no cigar///// :mrgreen: //////with this VSL


Try to use VSL Vienna Ensemble Pro, instead of old, and not-upgraded VST System Link. You can use just 1 sound card, 1 license of Cubase… All communication gos through ethernet. :wink:

I’ll try that out another time-----thanks for pointing that out, however, I would like to use VSL as its been on the list of things to do for a while and now its time to learn how to do make it work with the two audio interfaces I have on 2 PC’s

I just need to get PC 2 to receive now without errors------ PC 1 has received without errors on the self test—any useful pointers pleaser say…Thanks in advance…