VST System Link Questions


I have a MacBook Pro ( Yosemite) and iMac with Mojave. My audio interfaces are MR 816CSX and Native Instruments KORE: Hardware Controller which is an MIDI/Audio interface with USB2. It has Digital out port.

My MacBook pro Yosemite: Cubase AI 10, Nuendo 4 and Native Instruments KORE: Hardware Controller
iMac with Mojave: Cubase Pro 10, MR816CSX ( has ADAT, SPIDIF ports)

In the manual we read:

With VST System Link the signal is passed from one machine to the next, and eventually returns to the first machine.
For this to work, you need 2 or more computers that use the same or different operating systems, and for each computer in the network, the following:
● Audio hardware with digital inputs and outputs and a specific ASIO driver. The same digital formats and connection types.
● At least one digital audio cable, such as S/PDIF, ADAT, TDIF, or AES.
● A VST System Link host application.

I want to send MIDI and Audio signals from MacBook pro to iMac using Cubase AI 10. Is that possible with Kore controller and Cubase AI?

I was wondering if I could do VSL using my system. If not what do I need to purchase or upgrade to get it worked please?