VST System Link - Tempo?

I have a question working with VST System Link.

Is it possible to have the Slave machine follow/chase the Tempo Map in the Master machine?

In my setup now when I deactivate the Tempo Map in the Master, the Slave will follow/chase the Master when the tempo is set manually. But when I activate the Tempo Map on the Master the Slave Machine will no longer recognize the Tempo changes. Is there a problem with the way I have it setup? Or is this just the way it works?

Thank you in advance for any advice or suggestions!

For those who may be interested I just heard from Steinberg support. So it appears it’s not possible to have it setup to run this way. The Slave will not follow/chase an activated tempo map in the Master machine. You need to manually set the tempo & time signatures on both machine.

Hope that helps anyone searching for similar answers!