vst system link


Do I need two e-lincencers to run the system link on two computers?

Thanks, i cant find it in the manuals


I bought 2 license to do this a while ago you also need 2 sound card but there are much better ways to this now. Check Vienna Ensemble Pro5 http://www.vsl.co.at/en/68/428/1093.vsl It is incredible and I have never had a crash caused by it. You can open several instances of it including a 32 version and 64 bit version at same time. Only disadvantage is that it will not recognize Cubase proprietary plugins. Not at all an issue for me though because you can route all instances from VSL on 2nd and 3rd computer to separate outs and mix each channel in the DAW or even mix in VEP5 and send one stereo out to cubase. They let you try it for free, there is a small learning curve but its great!

Thanks! I have VSL Ensemble Pro 5 but didn’t realize that I could link with it. So you just open VEP on another computer and on your master computer Cubase?
How do you get multiple channels across?


It all goes down a network cable, and you don’t need an audio card in the slave.

VE Pro on the slave (this is where the VSL dongle belongs) and VE Server on both computers (no dongle needed for just the server) - it’s a really reliable system.

You do need a dongle for both slave and master. You can watch the video on site for how to operate or I will be happy to help you ! VEP5 comes with 3 license when purchased so all you need is extra steinberg key to use…It will be a learning curve but once you get past initial setup you will say this is insanely easy, and there is 0 latency.