VST system link ?

Hi, I read recently on this forum that it is possible to have cubase 5 on a computer and link it with a new computer with W7 64 bit via a VST system link and then be able to use instruments that you can not load onto the 64 bit OS, I would like to try to do this, can anyone explain please how to proceed ? thanks, Kevin

with all due respect, have you checked page 501 to 508 of the manual?
It’s all there!

Yeah ok I did… Just thought somebody might give me a bit of insight and maybe a shortcut or two cause it looks quite complicated,


Took a look at the VPE you mentioned and looks like the easiest (and instant) solution tho it’s a bit pricey…gonna dig a bit deeper to make sure it will work with everything (it says it does ) before spending money…Kevin

So the bottom line is…If your thinking about doing this for because your computer is not big enough why not get a new ( big ) computer ? you must be thinking about doing some heavy duty stuff !, I’m thinking about it because I have plugins on my 32 bit comp that I would like to be able to use but it sounds like a hell of a learning curve so from my point of view I may be better off buying new plugins, I’m looking at taking the path of least resistance because the more time spent *&^%$#%^& about with computers the less time spent producing music, I’d be very interested in your progress, cheers, Kevin

you must have some bloody big projects goin on !!!

where’s all the other posts gone?

Maybe you already heard of this but I’ll mention it anyway…
I too tried to use the vst link ‘route’ because of the good ole 32 bit plugins…and yep too complicated…
If you’re willing to shell out 15 euros there’s a little application available on the net called Jbridge (just google it) and what that thing does is that it somehow ‘wraps’ old 32 bit plugins into a 64 bit shell (a rather easy process) and bang! they are instantly available to your 64 bit Cubase! For me it works like a charm…
So far any of my old 32 bit plugins that I ‘converted’ work just fine including the freebies (like Antress, Variety of sound, etc) in Cubase 6.5…
Hope this helps!

Yeah, I tried Jbridge but had problems with it ( mainly, I think…because I’m an idiot when it comes to computers ) so I decided to move on, so left the old stuff behind and worked only with stuff that was 64 bit or would bridge easily via the Cubase bridge…got along fine and now not missing anything really plus I’m spending more time with music than trying to figure out why something aint working, I reckon that’s the best way to go, cheers, Kevin

Ok…your a sucker for punishment…good luck with it all…Kevin

I’ll second that!

Although I prefer music and ‘music making’ I have to fiddle with computer and software ‘stuff’ since I need them to make music and - unfortunately - there’s no one else to do this stuff for me :frowning:
…of course the fact that I’m also an electrical engineer helps too :mrgreen:
But music still comes first! :smiley:

Shadowfax if you had problems w/jBridge SysLink is gonna kill you :frowning: I used System link in past its a hard way to go on setup and exporting audio files etc. You also need two cubase license to use it. I did for a while but it really was a pain. VEP5 kills it works great with 0 latency and you can have a 32 bit instance and 64bit running at same time and multiple computers with no extra licenses. the mixer section is wonderful also, I could go on and on but I’d have you spending next years house payments lol If you get it look at the Mir & Pro 5 package http://www.viennaensemblepro.com/

Hi kzrider…I got it sorted by just installing 32 bit cubase alongside my 64 bit cubase, If I want to use a plugin that will not work in 64 bit I open the project in 32 bit and the other way round for 64 bit…wish I’d known this was a possible solution earlier, I’m just daft really !!!cheers, Kevin

I doubt that lol your stuff is killing…I am just a huge fan of Vienna stuff and the customer support they provide, if I could have any day job it would be with them :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking an interest kzrider and just keep knockin out that cool music…Kevin

Sounds like your more into fiddling with the gear but if that’s what your into then …great ! I’m happy to stop fiddling with gear and get on with some music, cheers and good luck with everything, Kevin

Well I’ve got a total orchestra…various drum vst’s…any bass sound you want with Trilian…a million pads with Nexus and Omni… a couple of guitar emulator thingy’s, delays, reverbs, eq’s and as many tracks as i want etc etc all in the box and I’ve never used more than 30percent of ram or 40 percent of CPU…what more does a mere mortal need to knock out some songs, pleased to stop fiddling !! mind you I’ve just spent 4 days figuring out delay ducking on vocals…routing is not my strong whatsit !! cheers, Mate, Kevin

Kevin, if you use the bigger orch packages you’ll max out your computer before you get done with the strings.Normal stuff like trillian and Omni don’t strain computer but BFD and great sounds like Vienna Instruments or even East West Orchestras will
I use 2 computers when doing certain projects and it’s not so much ram but CPU at lower latency that cause my computer to wobble and fart lol. The VEP5 really is the answer to it all use when you want don’t worry about configuring just turn it on.

I am buying an older 2008 Mac Pro on Friday from a local University that’s replacing everything there. 12g Ram and dual 3.0ghz Xenon’s Hope it will run some of this stuff. Figure I will network it with my PC ($650.00 usd) they have two more available…