VST system link

Hi all…

I have a new pc. I’d like to link them via VST system link.

The master pc : Cubase pro 8
The slave pc : Cubase 5.5

So I have some question :

  1. Is cubase 8 VST system link compatible with cubase 5 VST system link ?

  2. Both licenses are on the same elincenser, what can I do to have 2 elicenser (1 by pc) ?

Many thanks…


  1. Yes, both VST System Links are compatible.

  2. If you really have 2 licences (it means, you didn’t upgrade, but you bought a new licences), you have to buy a new USB-eLicenser, then connect both to the same computer, and drag-and-drop one of the licence to the new USB-eLicenser, in the eLicenser Control Center application.

Why do you need two computers with VST System Link?

Well… To improve performances !

In fact, I upgraded from 5 to 8 , does it mean I can’t have my cubase 5 licence back ??

When you upgraded, it means, you have only one licence. Your Cubase 5 licence was upgraded to Cubase 8. You can use Cubase 5 with your Cubase 8 licence. But, you don’t have 2 licences, and you cannot run Cubase 5 on one system, and Cubase 8 on another one system.

If you want to use 2 computers, I would strongly recommend you to have a look on Vienna Ensemble Pro.

Thanks, Martin…

Yes, the Vienna pro looks excellent.

For the licences, I don’t believe it’s fair. The cubase 5 -> 8 update costed already 300€ ! Even more expensive than many non update (entirely new) DAW ! I hesitated a lot before to buy : I saw Steiberg asking 100 or 200€ each year !

With all the money I left to Steinberg, they could, at least, let the cubase 5 licence for people like me who wants to use several pc. Cubase 5 would just become a vst host, that’s it ! And Steinberg doesn’t offer any vst host like vstack did.

Anyway, if they don’t want (I asked them & wait for the answer), I’ll never give them any money for Cubase 5 licence and I’ll buy Vienna pro.


I’m sorry to hear that.

But in fact, this is normal for any software. If you upgrade your license, you still have one license only. You don’t buy a new license, by the upgrade.