VST Taped Vibes no longer working

Hi all, my version of Taped Vibes is suddenly not working!
As per screen shots it’s all there and has been working fine for some months. I think this may have arisen after my upgrade to Cubase 13. I’ve tried reinstalling through the Activation Manager a few times to no avail. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
this was a FREE instrument.


Try to update MediaBay component from the Steinberg Download Assistant, please.

Thank you Martin, but I cant find the Mediabay component in Download Assistant.
Or do you mean “Install again” Taped Vibes as screenshot in my post? I have “installed again” a few times already. Should I “delete downloaded files” first?


The Steinberg MediaBay component becomes updated automatically, once you start Steinberg Download Assistant (if no other Steinberg application is running).

Then you can also try to rename/remove the Steinberg MediaBay Server folder from the Preferences folder.

The Preferences folders are:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/
Win: %appData% \Steinberg\

Thank you Martin.
Should I rename Mediabay folder, and AFTER start The Download Assistant?
Will this trigger a reinstall of the Mediabay server folder?


These steps are independent. The order doesn’t matter.

Hi Martin,
I appreciate your help, however is it really this difficult? I’m not an expert in Windows file management.
Is there a simple way to delete Taped Vibes and reinstall it? “try to rename/remove the Steinberg MediaBay Server folder from the Preferences folder.” These are the files I’ve found. Are any of these the files I need to rename? See attached.


You can do so, but I don’t think this would help, sorry.

The C:\Users\geoff\AppData\Roaming|Steinberg is the folder, you are searching for. From this folder remove/rename the Steinberg MediaBay Server folder, please.

Thank you Martin for all your assistance, however nothing’s changed. Except the new Steinberg MediaBay Server. And you can see the old version in the screen shots. All other screen shorts were captured today. I still can’t use Taped Vibes