VST track pans to the right when I press sustain pedal

When I load the Yamaha s90 ES piano on an instrument track, the track panning moves hard to the right whenever I press the sustain pedal on my controller. This happens even when I am recording on a different track. It doesn’t do it on most sounds, but I had the same problem with an EZDrummer track. I am not using any quick controls.
Anyone have any ideas on how to stop this? Thanks in advance.
-Phil R.

Cubase 5 Studio 5.5.2
Winndows 7
Kurzweil PC3

And have you already checked the generic remote setup…?

Thanks for your reply.
I never opened that page before. After some experimenting, I found that the problem always occurred on the first instrument I loaded in the project (VST #1). It did not have anything to do with the Piano sound. I am convinced I have to change something on the generic remote setup page, but not sure what to do. I tried changing the settings in the lower box, on the “panning” line. This actually made things worse. Now the channel changes panning AND mutes when I press the sustain pedal. I read the manual but don’t have a deep enough understanding of controllers to know how to fix this. Is there a way to bring back the default settings? Or maybe you can explain what got messed up.
Thanks for the help.

If you don’t use GR, disable it. If you do, make sure the specific MIDI port the controller’s connected to is selected as the input and not All MIDI Inputs.

Deleting the remote devices and adding the generic remote solved the panning problem, but not the mute issue. Since I am not using this feature, I just removed them altogether and everything is fine.
I can see how this feature could be great in conjunction with my keyboard controller, and someday I’d love to get a handle on it.

Thanks for the help.