VST track to only recieve single midi channel

Im trying to have two seperate VST instruments triggered by two midi channels from my MPC. Even if I change one of them to only recieve midi channel 2, it still gets triggered by the notes of midi channel 1. What am I overlooking?

This is one of the least intuitive aspects of Cubase, and many people ask this question, since Cubase handles this differently than most every other DAW. I sure had no clue when I switched over from Cakewalk.

In the Track Inspector, you need to set the Input Transformer to Track, then open the panel from the same drop-down menu. Then enter your filtering conditions, in this case, select the preset for “Pass Channel X Only”

Manual: Input transformer window

It’s a powerful system, but confusing as hell when you only want to set a channel’s MIDI input, especially since the Track Inspector has what looks like a channel selector that doesn’t filter for just the channel selected.

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It’s probably not very intuitive anymore. The channel selector you referred to is forcing the MIDI at playback to a specific channel, or “Any” where the track just passes whatever channels are recorded in the event. I think it was intuitive back when studios had all hardware synths and Cubase was used to sequence those. A time long before VST technology. Then you would rarely have a track send to more than one channel, but could’ve been recorded from several potential sources set to unique MIDI channels. Just by changing the channel in the inspector, you would send the MIDI to different synths (or different channels on a multitimbral one).

This is insanely stupid. I have Cubase 11 so its different from what you have helpfully screenshotted. This is so un-intuitive and infuriating.

Still doesnt work.
What else needs to happen on top of setting the range inside of the midi channel??