VST Trans in cubase artist 10.5

I reported this problem already several times from beginning december last year and I didn’t get any answer. Does somebody know why ???
Recently I started working with vst-connect, working on Cubase projects with a friend. We both have the same Cubase software. But we have been experiencing Cubase crashes on several occasions. In a short period of time I already have 3 unusables projects on-line… Since (after restarting) Cubase is suggesting to send the crash dump files to Cubase support for analysis, I am sending the two most recent files in attachment. Hope you can help us with this, working with VST Connect would be very welcome for us in these covid-times.

Thanks in advance


I moved your post to the VST Cloud category due to your title, but the crashes are in graphics2d.dll, so maybe have a look at this topic: Cubase Keeps Shutting Down- graphics2d.dll error 0x80070005

Dear Steve
thank you very much for the answer.
As I am new on this platform, I’ll do my best to understand the suggestions.
I’m not familiar with computers ( 66 years of age )
Thank You