VST Transit 1.1 update and 50% upgrade available

Dear forum members,

we announce today the VST Transit 1.1 update including several new features that are accompanied by our free upgrade of additional 50% of traffic and storage space.

The version 1.1 update now enables you to upload individual tracks. The new increased flexibility we provide you with should inspire you to further experiment on projects in the VST Transit community. Also the awaited video track support is here, so video project collaboration becomes possible and enhances VST Transit even further.

On top of the new features we offer a 50% rise of traffic and storage space for all free and premium account users. With the free VST Transit account you can use 750 MB of storage space and 1.5 GB of monthly traffic. All premium account users can enjoy 7.5 GB of storage space and 30 GB of monthly traffic.

Thank you for choosing Cubase!