VST Transit Blank Screen Cubase 10.5 PC

Hi guys,

Lately, I am not been able to use VST Transit. Cubase just updated it automatically and after that, I always get a black screen on startup, without GUI.

Basically I’m running it with most up to date Windows 10 Pro, Cubase 10.5 and VST Transit itself.

I cannot see a real reason to not work. I have removed/reinstalled VST Transit, restarted computer twice but no luck.

Any help would be welcome.


see here, does that help?

That is right. I got it sorted. cheers

Simply download the files from the linked post and voila.

Actually I did not fix it. I thought so. I still getting black screen when I try to use VST Transit.

It worked about 3 times after reinstalling it and today it gave a black screen again, again and again.

… do you have multi screens? Try to open the editor on your main screen. Does it help?

Yep. It does the trick. When I open on the main monitor it does works well. Not on second monitor. Probrably there a bug then. But it does the job for me.

All good now. Thank you