VST Transit: Connection Error. Please Try again later.

When I try to login to VST Transit in Cubase VST (WIN 10). I get an error message saying “Connection Error. Please try again later”.
This goes on now for more than 2 days. So I guess waiting wont fix the problem.
I changed my My Steinberg password a couple of times (one without symbols etc) and can login on the steinberg.net website. But that did not help at all.
Any suggestions?



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can you log in with mySteinberg in your webbrowser, using the very same credentials?


…And all software is registered there

I just tried to login on IOS VST Transit Go, Unfortunately with the very same Error Message.

Could it be that you have an ampersand (‘&’) in your name? There was a bug in all VST Transit targets that would prevent login in this case.


So it turned out that my internet Connection (Fibre-optical 1Gbit) does not work with the mysteinberg login. These newer connections don’t provide a public ip4 address.
So no VST transit for me.

Who is the provider and where are you located?

Germany \ Deutsche Glasfaser

IPv4 could be a problem. Could you pls provide the exact wording of the error message?

It is the title of the thread :wink:
But don’t worry I have mailed with the developer and it is just not working for now. I can use a mobile connection in urgent cases.
I just wanted to let others now in case they are experiencing the same issue.

ah sorry, didn’t find it initially.
Can’t find any reason why login to mySteinberg should fail. Lack of IPv4 support might cause problems when connectiong to a peer later in the process (we are working on that), but basic login should just work.
A quick lookup (see link) shows that this might be a general problem, but then you should have difficulties logging in via your browser as well. Will check once more what might go wrong.

Thanks again for helping.
I know that my internet connection behaves differently. But to my understanding that is true for most fibre optical connections unless you pay a lot more for a “business” connection.

I found out that I can connect with VST Connect Pro if I don’t use the Mysteinberg login but the old number/key method instead.
Maybe that helps you to understand where things go wrong here.

Thanks for the report, it does help. Still a mystery why mySteinberg login fails, will keep an eye on it.

I have the same problem with VST Transit and VST Cinnect Pro 5 but I think nothing is wrong with my internet connection or ipv4 .
I can login on website with MySteinberg id but on VST Transit I have same error