vst transit : connection error. please try it again later

Hi guys,

I have registered a VST transit user in cubase 8.5 pro.
now I have updated my software (bought an upgrade) to cubase 9.0.
the vst transit does not work anymore.
I click on VST transit, I get the popup where I have to enter my steinberg username and password.

then I click on connect and get an info popup : Connection Error. Please try it again later.

any idea what I can do? since I need it quit urgent to sync data with team.

version of vst transit is 1.0.13

thx for any help or tip or clue.


urgent…can you give me your Transit user name (not mySteinberg)?

a) are you sure you are connected to the internet at all?
The exact message “Connection Error. Please try again later.” is only exposed when Transit gets no connection at all.
b) ist that the exact wording of the message? If there are even slight differences, let us know.

Hi Musi,

the message is really a pop up message with exclamation mark telling exactly :

and yes ofcourse I have internet :slight_smile:
I’m on the same computer as I type now.

it happened after the update to 9.0

my name is : deechgloris

solved Musi,

you told me the solution, seems that cubase startup had launched a warning to my anti virus.
and this was blocked. So I just set all steinberg connections as trusted, and yep it works.
shame on me :frowning:, thx for the indirect tip :slight_smile:

you’re welcome :slight_smile: