VST Transit Experience

Is anyone finding VST Transit useful? Perhaps I don’t understand it fully, but I do not find it useful, yet.

I created a Project, uploaded to VST Transit and invited my producer. He accepted. We are both on Cubase Pro 8.5. Me on Windows 10; he on Mac.

He downloads the Project and opens it. Well, the manual is not, in my opinion, very explicit that the Friend MUST duplicate tracks to edit them. Second, automation and effect channels are not uploaded. And we had a very hard time with tempo. Seems my tempo track did not upload. Does midi data upload? What about Cubase Pro VST instrument selection and data that go with the midi tracks?

We fumbled around. He made changes and sync’d. But when I downloaded his changed, is this correct behavior, VST Transit ADDED his revised tracks to my project as new tracks? And, they are locked so if I want to continue to work on them I must duplicate them yet again? So I have three sets of duplicate tracks? And this goes on and on?

Lastly, we spend a hour tuning vocals in VariAudio. He saved and sync’d the project. I downloaded. I was going to finish the tuning. I don’t think the VariAudio data transferred as I opening the track to begin work where he left off, I didn’t see the VariAudio analysis data (blocks).

Am I expecting too much from Transit or using it incorrectly? Maybe we are better off sending completely Zipped projects folders or stems via Drop Box?


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sorry for being late. Let’s see …

… yes, that’s the way you have to do it. Only the owner of a track can edit the track. Image you would edit Track_A und your partner would edit Track_A. Both will sync the project to the cloud. Which track-edit should be accepted by the server? Imagine you delete a audio-event and your partner does a fade-in to the same audio-event …

… those feature will be added soon. But they are currently not supported

… that is working. It sounds that you’ve found a bug? Can you give us some more hints about that?

… working fine.

… working, too.

… like I wrote some sentences before. You can’t edit the tracks of your partner. If you like to, just duplicate it and do your edit. If you are both fine, your partner should delete the original track.

… sorry, this will be added soon. Do a freeze while we are working on it.

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It says that you can only edit your own tracks. Usually, people work on their tracks. If you want to take over, you duplicate those tracks and the previous owner may or may not remove them from the project. This is how VST Transit maintains synchronisation, otherwise different project members run into different states and clashes occur.

Tempo should work (make sure to have the latest version), Midi Data are sync’d, what problems do you have? Same for instrument selection afaik, automation is in the making.

Sure, when he creates new tracks in whichever way, they are his tracks and added to the project.
I don’t know what you mean by “revised”, though. If he and his tracks were already added to the project and he merely changed those already exsisting tracks, sync should just update these tracks and not add them (and so far it hasn’t).

Let me repeat the simple strategy of VST Transit: sync will upload your changes (which you can only make to your own tracks) and download changes of all other members’ tracks and merge these. This way all potential clashes are beeing prevented. To take on ownership of somebody elses tracks yes, you will have to make a copy so to make those tracks become yours and eventually the previous owner may delete them. If you do this process repeatedly, I would suggest that the two of you keep their own sets of tracks (so there’s two sets of tracks), but usually one person works on one instrument or voice. And if for instance he plays the bass in the verse, and you play it in the chorus, you’d create 2 bass tracks.
In no case should revised tracks be doubled by the system, and so far we haven’t observed this to happen.

VST Transit transfers “finished” tracks only as of now, so you’d have to freeze those tracks beforehand.

It depends. The more “specialized” features you use, the more complex generic cloud project sharing becomes. And it depends on your workflow which I didn’t quite get yet, because usually transferring ownership of tracks doesn’t appear that often. VST Transit attempts to keep things simple for interchanging of “standard” tracks. If this doesn’t apply at all to your workflow, you have to either find a way to adjust it, or to use “oldschool” data transfer instead.

Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it greatly. We went back to Drop Box exchanges of the Project folders.

For us. it works better.

It says here , transfer of effect tracks and automation is in the works, (we can’t get group tracks working either) that was 4 months ago. Is this still coming? any ETA? Cheers, Steve

VST TRANSIT release notes on Cubase Pro 9
Where ?


… already answered in the C9 Forum.

  • Added Sampler Track (Cubase 9 only)
  • Added Chord Track
  • Support for 3rd Party VST FX/VST-I
  • Fixes …

a complete list will coming soon. Sorry, that this paper is lost.

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I have missed it. Thank you anyway.
Lets us know when the release notes is out.

This I can see was answered back in 2016, I still can’t get the automation from my partners when we share on VST-cloud!!! Simply question, when is soon in you world?

Is VST Transit working in this new Cubase 9.5 or will Steinberg drop it?
Can’t find info nowhere else about it. Not even in the manual

It works and I believe that it has been updated recently.

Most appreciated. Cheers