VST Transit Go and VST Transit Join beta released

Dear forum members,
We are delighted to announce today’s release of the free public beta of VST Transit Join, introducing you to the most innovative and first cloud collaboration plug-in, available to different DAWs*.

Also, VST Transit Go, our new mobile audio collaboration app, has been released today and is immediately available to users, reshaping the mobile music collaboration landscape on iOS. Designed for the iPad, VST Transit Go easily helps you to find and collaborate with fellow musicians, producers and singers no matter where they are.

VST Transit Join feature highlights

  • Collaborate through different DAWs without boundaries.

  • Search for musicians, producers and singers from all over the world and get creative with them straightaway.

  • Present your musical talent to music collaborations that are looking for your skills.

  • Add up to four mono or stereo audio tracks to your projects.

  • Direct messaging: Stay in touch with your VST Transit friends at all times.

VST Transit Go feature highlights

  • Find fellow musicians, producers and singers from around the world and across the street, with a global list of artists in your pocket.

  • Search and find music collaborators that need your talent.

  • Capture your musical ideas anywhere and anytime.

  • Add audio tracks to your projects.

  • Direct messaging: Stay in touch with your VST Transit friends at all times.

Download VST Transit Join
Download VST Transit Go


  • The VST Transit Join plug-in is developed to run on third-party hosts only. For Cubase users, the VST Transit capabilities are available in Cubase Pro/Artist 8.5 and higher versions.

Is it possible to get TWO licenses, to activate the transit join on two usb elicensers simultaneously, without license transfer hassles? I mean, it’s free either way, isn’t it? Would make testing easier at least.


Hello! :slight_smile:

I sent a private message a minute ago.

Dear Steinberg, dear all,
In the coronavirus world, as a Logic user I am trying to switch to Cubase that I bought some time ago. I was starting on Atari ST! I finally got the VST transit join, but HOW to configure it with Logic? I am so excited about the remote work. There is a tutorial for ProTools but I need Logic. I have created the Inst1 track where my instrument is set to VST Transit but when i press record on the Transit Plugin nothing records, I set the Logic Pro X audio as an input, which is ok, but the I want to record something into it… I am just getting an empty silent audio track in the VST Transit Join. No tutorial for Logic… Any solution? IN LOGIC it is not possible to "route the audio tracks’ Logic channel as the tutorial is saying to the instrument channel input (VST Transit Join is the instrument plugin)
UPDATE: OK I have found the CHAIN function in the PLUGIN but there is a problem, whenever I open this the sound in Logic bacames crackled… Whnever I choose my audio as input, When I disable the input it is normal again . What is wrong there??? And the more, the plugin crashes Logic X

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