VST Transit is not in the VST Cloud menu

Hello friends,

I want to try VST transit, but its not in the VST Cloud menu.

Is VST transit a separate product that isnt included in the factory installer of cubase 8.5?

If so, how do I download it?


You are running a full version of Cubase 8.5? Cubase PRO? Blue dongle? 32 or 64 bit? Windows? Mac?


Hi Michael!

Its a full version of Cubase 8.5 Pro, on a Red Dongle (NFR)
64 bit
Windows Laptop.

Actually I upgraded to Cubase 9. VST Transit is nowhere to be found (neither on the VST Cloud Menu nor on the Project Menu)

Do I have to install it separately?


That’s the “problem”. You need an extra VST Transit license for NFR versions. Please get in contact with your Steinberg contact who gave you the NFR.

See you,

Thank you Michael!