VST Transit Join on Mac Ventura won't run

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Hi, All - I have a friend who is trying to download VST Transit Join from the Steinberg site. He clicks on the links to get it but each page he gets redirected to takes him in a circle back to a previous page that he’s already been on. Is there any other way to get the download? By the way, he’s using a MAC, so if there’s a difference in downloads, I want to clarify that.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give! - H

This would be a browser problem. Are they using the link:

Thanks, Steve. I’ll send the link to them and see if it helps.

Hey everyone, I am the friend Howie is talking about. I have a Mac M2 Studio using Ventura 13.0 and and iPad Pro using IOS 15.7.1. I can download VST Transit on the iPad and I get the GUI, login and everything you would expect as per the you tube videos. I can even see the project Howie set up for us

One the Desktop, however, I am unable to get anything going

I had a ton of issues just getting the software to down load. I have a licenser and right now when I scan my plugins on my DAW (I am using Reaper) the scan halts at vet transit and I get an error suggesting it is not reading the licenser. I am wondering if I downloaded the wrong thing. the elicenser was not a thing when using the iPad.

I wonder if that software is ready for Mac Ventura…

there you go…VST Transit is still in testing. The e licenser apparently needs rosetta

Steve, thank you so much for the research. Wow, that was very cool of you

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Thank you. Finally. Cool. Yeah.

I was able to install and verify Rosetta 2 is on now running on my Mac. I rescanned my plugins and it still threw up at the VST Transit plugin. I will download the screen shot I am getting. I am wondering if I either need to reinstall the licenser now that Rosetta is running (although if that were the issue the Apple forums say that I should have been prompted to download Rosetta in order to run the licenser)…or if I just need to wait to Steinberg to finish testing the VST Transit for the version of Ventura I am on.

Did you double check that you have the right version of elc?

So this is where the breakdown might be occurring. I checked the version of the control center I was able to download and it was a 6.11 version. When I try and download the Oct 22 version (6.12x) I keep crashing into a Gateway 504 error. This happens on either Safari or Chrome. I also tried it from my ipad and my phone and had the same experience. Maybe the link is dead, or Steinberg is working on the site

I wonder if anyone else has had issue accessing that download. I’ll ask Howie if he can try and see if it lets him get in. I am in TN and he is in FL so we can rule out anything goofy happening on my home network that way.

Well, that’s happening today, but has nothing to do with the original problem. It appears to be a CDN config problem, hopefully, the team for that will be notified and will fix asap.

Uninstall that old elc, it’s useless on your system, I think.

Then. if by chance you already have the Steinberg Download Assistant, and it’s up to date, launch it. In doing so, that app is supposed to automatically download and update the licensing utilities, and uses a different gateway. I was able just now to download files.

In a true Catch-22, you cannot download that from the Steinberg because it’s served by the CDN.

I think you are right. If the Steiinberg servers are what’s jacked up then I am not going to be able to download anything until that gets fixed.

Thanks for the help. At least I’m not both crazy and inept. At least I don’t think I am both. lol

hah! 1 out of two would not be bad at all.

Tried again today…two steps forward and one step back.
I was able to download the current eLicence Installer from the website. that worked fine today.
I was able to uninstall the existing VST Transit program and then download the package so I could reinstall it. That blew up and got about 80% and then started the spin cycle of death.
I was able to redownload my old version of Cubase 10 (I know it is old, but I’ve been using another DAW for the last few years). It is a large program so it will take a long time to d/l.

Maybe once I get Cubase running the VST stuff will just work out. And when I need to collaborate I will just have to use Cubase.