VST Transit locks up on Mac

Hi all,

I’m finally going to give VST transit a try with a buddy on my new album but it locks up everytime I try to go to Projects after I log in.

I’m on a Mac with the latest update of Yosemite and Cubase Pro 8.5.15. I’m at a loss here as to what is going on. It basically hangs Cubase and “pinwheels” forever. I have to force quit.

Any ideas where to start here?


Ok for anyone who has this problem I just quite by accident figured it out. If you go back a second time after you “force quit” it shows a project there. I clicked on it (being careful not to right-click on it) and hit “open”. It THEN gave me an error message saying the project has to be 44.1k and 16 bit. So I changed it and re-uploaded and it worked.

Can someone confirm that we can only upload projects with 44.1and 16 bit? What’s the point then??? Is this a limitation of the free account or do you get higher project streams with paid? Who records in 44.1 and 16 bit??!?

Well, right clicking totally hoses up anything you do.


We are really sorry. We localised and fixed the problem. A new version should be online tomorrow.

Thanx a lot,

… Transit 1.0.85 is online. Just start your Transit version. Transit will automatically install the latest version.

Have a nice day,