VST Transit Login [Bug]

On the opening login screen I am unable to save login credentials so have to retype in full on each access.

Using Mac Pro and OSX Yosemite.

I also note the bug already reported on filing profile data where the fields do not let you select multiple skills or Instruments from the drop down menu. Using space bar seems to clear any entries. I did cut and paste some content but field length appears limited to 40 characters.


You did realize the checkbox “Save Credentials”?

I can not check that box, nothing happens when clicking. (PC Win 7)

ah sorry, that was a bug…a new version is about to be released which fixes this and other issues, you will get it via the auto-update once it’s out.

When i clicking on Save Credentials box Cubase Crash
whit Macbook pro and Mavericks

… a new version is available : 1.0.32
… run VST Transit and the auto-updater will install the latest version.
… the crash is gone?