Vst transit Midi tracks are locked.

When I share a project with at friend, all midi tracks are locked when my friend try to open the project.
All tracks are there, and Halion is loaded. But the midi tracks are locked and not routed to halion therefor no sound is played.

How do I fix this?
He need access to those tracks to edit and record addons and so on…

PS: Audio tracks play just fine.



are you talking about an “Instrument Track” or are you talking about a MIDI Track which is routed to HALion (which is loaded in the VST Rack)?


It’s a midi track routed to Halion.

And another thing we just noticed is that the midi have changed. It seems like it have converted sustain, velocity and so on to midi notes.



This is not supported, yet. Will be supported soon. Promised.

This is fixed. Version 1.0.49 is online. Just start VST Transit. The auto-updater will do the rest.


I found that saving the track and loading it back up meant you could then unlock the tracks manually. :slight_smile:

For a project sent to me by a user I did a Duplicate Track command. This gave me a replica that I owned that was fully functional. It left the original owner/creator’s track intact. I like this because it means if I share one of my tracks there will be a history indicating origin. After syncing the other user will see what I did on my duplication and he/she can mute or compare or duplicate to their hearts desire. I think it helps maintain the integrity of the track creators work.