VST transit not in Cubase Artist 10?


My friend just bought Cubase Artis 10 and on Steinbergs webpage it says that it includes Vst transit, and not vst connect, but
he can only find vst connect and not vst artist in the vst cloud menu? Is something wrong, should he download it himself as a plugin or does steinberg give out the wrong information on the webpage?

He bought the artist version because we wanted to be able to collaborate on vst transit. How can he get it to work?

thanks for the help!


I am sorry. VST Transit is not part of Cubase Artist 10.

Can you please tell me the link to that info?


guess you found it because I see its been changed… it was on the comparison chart.
this has been false marketing even though its been an honest mistake, my friend really needs vst transit so we can work together.

Can you please for free include vst transit for those who have already bought cubase artist 10?


we are really sorry. Bad communications :frowning:

VST Transit is part of Cubase Artist 10! Please check if the installation is correct. The VST Transit component should be installed here
Win : C:/Program Files/Common Files/Steinberg/Shared Component/vsttransit.dll
macOS : /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components/vsttransit.bundle

Is it installed?


ok, that sounds great that it is included. I will check with my friend ASAP, and get back to you.
What should he do if it’s not there? I mean the program seems to have been working for him so far, it’s just that
vst transit was missing. I thought it was weird also that vst connect was in the cloud menu?

Ok, so He Has windows and checked for the file in that location but it was not there.
What should he do? And please dont say complete reinstall… do you know why it happened in the first place?
maybe the file can be downloaded dfrom somewhere or, it could be part of the next update?

… strange? Your friend running any anti-virus-software? For example : Kaspersky. Check if the software is adding the dll to their quarantine?
… you don’t need to re-install the whole application. Mount the Cubase 10 iso, zip … and locate the Transit installer
/Volumes/Cubase 10/Additional Content/Installer/VST_Transit_64bit.msi

It works?

Great, thanks, it’s now working!