VST Transit - Owner Tracks 'locked'

My colleague puts a song on VST Transit/Cloud (as the originator/owner). When I try to use it all of the track are ‘locked’ and cannot be edited ? We want to be able to edit each others tracks…can this be done ? I can get around it by copying the track and editing it…but then we have 2 tracks and it gets very confusing and the file gets bigger.
Is there a way of originating the song on VST Transit/Cloud with the tracks ‘editable/unlocked’ ?

No. From all that I’ve read, none of what you ask for is possible in VST Transit.

Editing others’ tracks is deliberately prohibited which solves all those project syncing issues, where others struggle badly. It comes at the cost of having to copy tracks to make them editable, but usually this doesn’t happen often once you get the idea. If you want to entirely take over those tracks and save resources, your friend can simply delete them afterwards.