VST Transit - Owner Tracks ‘locked’

can soemone explain how to make them editable step by step. i am not the owner of the project. so i synced with the cloud, all tracks on my computer and duplicated the tracks in cubase pro 9.5, still not editable. then i synced with the cloud, so i am the owner of the duplicated track and stiil i cant edit them. where do i make them as copy?
thank you

If you have use the ‘duplicate track’ command you should be able to ‘Unlock’ the duplicate.
Try clicking the padlock icon on the duplicate track’s inspector tab.

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No not working. also not for the owner of the project, if he duplicates my tracks. so the only thing working for me, is to record the tracks throughout a bus. thank you for answering.

I confirm this. Parts on duplicated tracks cannot be unlocked.