VST Transit questions / future features ?

Hi Guys,

I’m very sorry if there’s an existing topic about it already but I couldn’t find anything yet. please feel free to redirect me if you think it’s a double topic.

Anyway, I’m currently holding my finger from pressing the “purchase” button for Cubase 8.5 (Upgrade from C7) because I still have some questions without answers regarding the main feature I’m excited with, VST Transit.

Here’s the background. I’m living in the UK, my singer’s in France. We want to collaborate on projects remotely at the same level (meaning we will both do some audio recordings and mixing/mastering). We are both going to use the same setup : Mac OSX 10.11 / C8.5 / Waves Plugins / Toontrack Superior Drummer etc … and here are my questions :

  • If I load a non-steinberg VST Plugin (let’s say Waves plugin) as an Insert plugin on an audio track, will it also load on my singer’s side ? same thing for Sends/FX Tracks ?
  • If yes, will it also load all the settings of the plugin ? (know positions, values etc …)
  • Same question with VST Instruments, if I load “superior drummer” will it load on my singer’s side with it’s parameters ?

From what I read so far, I understand it’s a “no/no/no”. but is it something in the making planned for future releases ?
If you have any link to VST Transit roadmap I would be very glad to have it.

Also, in that kind of workflow, would there be a convenient workaround to something like this ?
(like, sharing track presets and loading it before starting working or something like that ?)

Thank you so much for your help on this, I hope you could help me pressing the “purchase” button :wink:


Yes, The current answer is : “No”, “No” and “No”. But, promised, we are working on improvements, bug-fixes and new features. And with the new Auto-Updater it is easy to release new versions. And, yes, 3rd Partie Plug-Ins are on of our topics.

… I hope this helps for the moment,

Perfect then, I’m working around with Google Drive for now but you can count me as a beta tester for VST Transit new releases :slight_smile:
Congrats again for the great job guys, C8.5 is absolutely brilliant :slight_smile: