VST updated and is now recognised as a new instrument, All Synth Settings lost?

SO…this has happened twice now, once was my mistake…

I uninstalled a vst and moved locations, when I reinstalled, Cubase saw it as a fresh VST (no thumbnail)
So the channels that used that synth were obviously missing their instrument, I tried connecting the channel to the new version, but once loaded it came up as the default patch like a fresh instrument would.

Is there a way to tell Cubase that the instrument I’m loading in, is the same as the missing one, So that all the settings that were made on that Synth come back…I have a couple of projects which are really messed up now and I can’t recreate what I did before the updates. I’ve tried and come close but it really needs to be like for like.

any help greatly appreciated

Thank You


Didn’t you use VST2 in the past and using VST3 now by any chance?

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Erm…You Could be onto Something, as I used reason Daw at the same time and would Install both VST2 and VST3 for Everything, and now I’ve stopped as I’m only using Cubase…SO maybe If i try install the VST2 again ??? that could bring back the missing instrument…if that’s what’s happened that is …Thanks man, I’ll give it a shot shortly