vst use with cubasis

I cant seem to access any sound tank sounds from cubasis, what am i doing wrong? I’d like to upgrade to the full version of sound tank but don’t want to until i know for sure how to use it in cubasis.


you are not doing anyhing wrong. There are issues regarding the communication of Sampletank (I assume you are referring to this app) with Cubasis. They are discussed in this thread: https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=183&t=32201. However, the source of this issue is within Sampletank.

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so i downloaded the sylo synth(sp) which is connected to cubasis and i cannot access that from inside cubasis either, this is becoming quite a frustrating endeavor

I downloaded Sylo synth, the free version, and maybe I’m dense but I don’t see where it supports virtual midi or background audio. Read the help, tutorial and troubleshooting guides on the web site and couldn’t see where either feature is supported. Sylo synth does look cool though and hope that the developer eventually adds those features and AudioBus so we can use it with Cubasis.

Suspect that it will be a long time, probably never, before we can manipulate third party synth app parameters from inside Cubasis like we do with VSTs on desktop Cubase.

are there any vst instruments that can be used inside of cubasis? ones that i can access with my keyboard? when i open the sylo synth i cant return to cubasis to record a track with that synth sound? and i purchased sylo through the cubasis program so i figured it would be rather seamless…

This thread and video should help


thank you that video is very useful

I love sylo synth and would also love to get it working with cubasis. The paid version does have core midi and I’ve controlled it using cubase on my desktop PC… I haven’t yet worked out what the difference between core midi and virtual midi is.
I’m wondering if something like midibridge would get it working. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/midibridge/id449160859?mt=8