VST -v- VST 3

Hi all …

My question is this: should one expect any “stability difference” in between the VST and a VST3 versions of a plug?

The reason I ask this is that a particular plug I use a lot … and which is coded by a very smart team that I have a great deal of respect for … seems to be unstable if loaded as a VST3, but solid if I load the VST version (both are installed).

I know just enough to be dangerous with digital theory, so I appreciate that there are different build “architectures” which maybe go some way to explaining the stability issue. But I am genuinely curious to understand why.

As an aside, I cannot hear a discernable difference between them.

I’ve come across a few plugins over the years where in WaveLab specifically, the VST3 version though audible on playback did not actually get rendered when rendering files.

In these cases, usually the VST2 version rendered OK. Some plugins have been resolved regarding this issue but usually when I try a new plugin from a small company this is the first thing i test for in WaveLab…to make sure what I’m hearing on playback actually gets rendered.

Compared to VST-2, VST-3 is a format that is optimized and enhanced, to communicate with the DAW (among other things). But that makes it a bit more complicated to program. Hence, the risk to create bugs, is a bit higher.
But performance wise, and audio quality wise, there is no difference, as the core DSP process has no reason to be different.
To summarize, a working VST-3 plugin is prefered to a working VST-2 plugin.

Thank you PG … that is exactly the info I was seeking (and what I thought was the case).