VST Viewer - same score

Hey Guys! I have a problem in managing vst viewer. Can you help me with a checklist of actions to perform to make it work? I went to modules, I check global, then I set the scores in pdf, but when I change songs they don’t change, the score is always the same. Can you help me? Thank you

Hi @Francesco_Ferrandi,

you want to load one VST Viewer instance and this instance should load different PDF files for different songs, right? Let me try to explain it step by step

  1. Start VL, Default “Song 1” is already added
  2. Add a new “Song 2” to the project
  3. Add another new “Song 3” to it
  4. Select “Song 1”
  5. Add a global part with “VL / Menu / Part / Create Global Part”. The global part is selected
  6. Select the MODULES tab and add a Module
  7. Load the VST Viewer to that global Module and open the editor of it
  8. You should see “Song 1” in the header of the Viewer-Editor, next to the OPEN button
  9. Select “Song 2” and check the header of the Viewer. It has changed to “Song 2” now
  10. Select “Song 1” again, back to the Viewer editor and load a PDF_A. This one is now configured to “Song 1”
  11. Select “Song 2”, PDF_A is still displayed. Load a new PDF_B now. PDF_B is now shown.
  12. Select “Song 1” and PDF_A will be displayed

and so on …

Does it work for you?

Perfect ! TKS so much!!!