VST-Viewer unusual behavior

I started using the VST-Viewer during performance as an alternative of the build-in lyrics editor, because I like to see lyrics and chords on one page ( as I described in another thread )
To switch from one page to an other of the pdf-File I use midi commands and everything works nearly perfect. Even when I switch from one song to another, the lyrics of the previous song will be closed an those of the newest songs will be shown. (really good)
Only the Break-Out-Window of the VST-Viewer does not change during this process. On the contrary, after changing a song the break-out window of the old song remains open and the window of the new song will be opened in the background.
It would be great if there were an option to sync the behavior of VST-Viewer and the break-out window and/or alternatively to open and close it via Midi commands.


… yes, it needs both features
[a] MIDI Learn for the BREAK-OUT control
[b] Setting : Sync BREAK-OUT Visibility

And [b] will be added to the context-menu (Right-Click to the editor)

Sounds good?

Hi, Michael!

… is it already added in Vers. 1.4, or will it be added with the next update?
(at the moment I do not know, where to “Right-Click”, as you described)


It has to be added to the VST Viewer.

… the “Right-Click” is already working. Just right-click somewhere and it will appear. Point [b] will be added there.